Closing the Pipeline: a Memorandum to de Blasio

And he could help stem the tide of fear-based policy-making that does more harm than good to our children’s future.


It’s Time to Close New York’s School-to-Prison Pipeline: How Bill de Blasio can help solve the twin problems of over-policing and under-educating in one swoop

“The result, according to the NYCLU, is that kids with criminal records consisting mostly of minor infractions that could have been resolved in school face further discrimination when applying for college, scholarships and jobs. This can also have an effect on whether their families are eligible to live in public housing, since people with criminal records are barred from many government assistance programs. And this doesn’t even take into account the psychological toll that coming into contact with the criminal justice system can have on students who are still wading through the thickets of childhood development.”

Read more on Mychal Denzel Smith‘s strong dictation to Bill de Blasio on his potential and memorandum as the new mayor of New York City – the policy purveyor city of the United States with potential to overhaul institutionally problematized prison-to-pipeline policies for young adults.