Justified Nature celebrates 12th episode in Addis Ababa!

Erica Licht founded Justified Nature in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012

Erica Licht founded Justified Nature in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012

Justified Nature celebrated its 12th episode here in Addis Ababa, yesterday. The show, launched in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, focuses on bridging justice and environmentalism through a lens of leadership and dialogue. Every show features a related guest and music from at least three countries/regions/genres.

Check out an article about the show on the Center for Creative Leadership’s Lead Beyond Blog from March 2014 HERE

This week’s show featured an interview with Dr. Million Belay, Founding Director of MELCA Ethiopa and Coordinator of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa; as well as music from South Africa, Jamaica, the US, and Cote d’Ivoire.


Listen in to Justified Nature every Monday at 3-4pm Ethiopia Time or 8am EST.
Ways to listen:
LIVE via radio – 105.3 Afro FM
Live Stream – www.afro105fm.com
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Justified Nature…..Every Tuesday at 2:30pm!

4418977778_6277c728fe_zJustified Nature, a new radio program generating a public conversation on criminal justice and the environment is now airing every Tuesday on UNILAG FM 103.1 from 2:30 – 3:00pm.

Join the 30 minute segment for a show bridging the two distinct fields of criminal justice and nature in an effort to look at the possibilities for justice reform that involve the natural environment. Each show includes a Guest interview and thematic music from around the world and across various genres.

Guests from the first two episodes have included Vweta Ariemugbovbe, Peer Educator with PRAWA I-MAP, and DPO Monday Agbonika of Central Police Station, Adeniji Adele Road, Lagos Island.

Stay tuned this week for Adetayo Okunoloa, Program Manager at the Nigeria Conservation Foundation, and music from Peter Tosh, Buju Banton, Dr Sley and Climbing Poetree.



UNILAG Radio Interview

On the evening of Tuesday, November 13th, I was a guest on the show “Nature’s Cardinal,” on UNILAG 103.1 FM on the University of Lagos campus. It was great speaking with the show’s host Damilola McGregor about my research and experiences so far in Lagos, and a lot of fun joining the commentary of the show’s crew.

When a recording of the show becomes available I will post it here, but in the mean time I will highlight an anecdote of my discussion of the need to find creative solutions to the wahalas (problems) of the criminal justice system here in Lagos – overcrowding, long periods of awaiting trial, lack of record management – that draw attention to the vast expanses of open land and natural space which encircle Lagos, and the urban natural parks within it. Damilola joked, “So what do we do, open a garden in the middle of Bariga market?…Tell the people to move their stalls and foods, and plant some trees?” My response: “No and Yes”….

No, don’t make the people move and sacrifice their livelihood, but Yes, look for ways to insert nature or engagement with the natural into the lived experience of Lagos. Nature can be accessible, we just have to see it that way. It’s about changing our way of thinking about nature – as “not for me,” “inaccessible,” or “private and controlled,” many similar attitudes which Rue Mapp counters in her work in the United States with Outdoor Afro –  and pushing forward with new understandings of the natural environment. Replacing these negative attitudes with positive ones means seeing the potential to utilize nature as a classroom for teaching experiential education skills, as well as a site full of entrepreneurial opportunities.

The program ended with Dami and the crew conjuring me to recount a story I had told them before the show about my own criminality in an incident of goats and a destroyed watermelon rind on my recent trip to Enugu. Let’s just say, I thought the goats almost choked – in the midst of destroying the rind I had innocently left outside my friend’s house – and that I was going to be held responsible for the death of all three of the landlord’s precious pets.

Stay tuned for the recording of the show – as well as hopefully future appearances and partnership with UNILAG Radio 103.1!