Personal Statement


Erica Licht has been working with youth and community professionally since 2006. Her work has spanned the regions of New York, Wyoming, Uganda, Trinidad, Jamaica and most recently Nigeria. With a passion for bridging together different groups of people based upon mutual interests, her efforts have included developing community partnerships between Vassar College and the CIty of Poughkeepsie, New York; Co-founding UNITE: You and I Teach Each Other – a young women’s empowerment program; leading youth from Washington D.C. in the Wyoming wilderness; cultivating enthusiasm for organic agriculture in Port of Spain, Trinidad; developing an experiential education class in the General Penitentiary of downtown Kingston, Jamaica; and running frantically around the make-shift kitchen of young adults teaching nutrition in the South Bronx. Her goal is to garner enthusiasm for exploring outdoor and environmental based education as a means for an alternative to incarceration.


9 thoughts on “Personal Statement

  1. This is awesome Erica. Very well done. I am sure you are yet to discover more issues of social concern in this part of the world, and would find out how we take things for granted in other parts of the world.

    • Ms. Kotun – Thank you for your meaningful comment and support. I look forward to continuing to partner on issues of social justice and alternative sentencing. So glad to meet a fellow collaborator here in Lagos! Hope you continue to follow the site and enjoy. All the best, Erica

  2. Erica, I heard about your blog from your Mom, what an amazing journey you have been on! I read with interest about your travels, advocacy for youth, passion for social justice and using educational tools of AVP, yoga and group dynamics to affect social change.The best of luck in your research and congratulations on receiving the Fulbright!! Helen Frey

    • Helen, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my site and for your kind words! Wonderful to hear from you and to share my experiences. I hope you continue to read with interest, and follow my journey. I also hope all is well with you, and the whole growing family! Look forward to seeing you this year. all the best, Erica

  3. Hi Erica, I just had another great AVP workshop at Cedar Junction and was thinking of you. I finally got to your blog and am reading with great interest. Congratulations!

    • Jim! What a great to surprise to find your comment here. So glad to hear from you, and to hear that you just finished another great AVP Workshop. I actually was just coming from a meeting of the Lagos AVP facilitators when I got your message! Thanks for reading and look forward to being in touch. All best, Erica

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