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Sitting in the classroom of Transitional Services at Otisville State Penitentiary, I passionately described to Craig the hiking trip I was planning for a group of youth in Poughkeepsie; at that moment he leaned over, looked directly at me and then at the Hudson Valley below us, and said, “this is the closest I have ever been to nature.”


This is a blog exploring all aspects of the idea of outdoor education serving as an alternative to punitive justice practices for youth and adults. I will explore existing alternatives to incarceration, experiential educational programs, approaches to the outdoors and environmental education, and the praxis of merging criminal justice with the Outdoors.

Please contribute + I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Hello Erica, it is laudable project you have embarked on. We will like to assist and be part of it. Ours is an NGO group catering mainly for the youths, especially those seen as miscreants and never do wells in the society. We have so far been able to help at least 30youths to be self or gainfully employed, yet there is much to be done. we would like to work with you as your data base will surely make our job much easier. we also have a data base of personalities that would help your research. Our NGO is led by a certified professional in the person of Victor Fola of Nigeria Institute for Humanitarian studies and Social development. We are at your service and hope to work with you in the soonest possible time.

    • Hello Victor! Apologies for my delayed response. Thank you very much for reading my blog and posting. I am glad to connect with your efforts and would be happy to correspond about working with your NGO. You can write to me at my email address: erica.licht at fulbrightmail.org . I am always glad to hear about efforts here in Nigeria to address youth and their role in society. Congratulations on your work in employing so many youth, and I wish you well as your endeavors continue. Thanks for posting, and I hope you continue to follow the blog! Best, Erica

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