Training PYPA in Uganda

cropped-screen-shot-2012-06-06-at-4-18-18-pmTraining PYPA in Uganda

Written by Erica Licht April 24, 2014

In early April 2014 Tsion Asmare and I travelled from the CCL Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa to the source of the Nile in Jinja, Uganda. Jinja, the point at which Lake Victoria gives way to the Nile River, was the scenic location of the April training seminar of PYPA – the Program for Young Politicians in Africa, sponsored by KIC – Christian Democratic
International Center.


Training PYPA in Uganda.

via Training PYPA in Uganda.


Justified Nature celebrates 12th episode in Addis Ababa!

Erica Licht founded Justified Nature in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012

Erica Licht founded Justified Nature in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012

Justified Nature celebrated its 12th episode here in Addis Ababa, yesterday. The show, launched in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, focuses on bridging justice and environmentalism through a lens of leadership and dialogue. Every show features a related guest and music from at least three countries/regions/genres.

Check out an article about the show on the Center for Creative Leadership’s Lead Beyond Blog from March 2014 HERE

This week’s show featured an interview with Dr. Million Belay, Founding Director of MELCA Ethiopa and Coordinator of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa; as well as music from South Africa, Jamaica, the US, and Cote d’Ivoire.


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