Yoga at Central Lagos Island Police Station!


This week UNITE Lagos Island celebrated a wonderful experience of participating in a yoga session led by instructor Dayo Adegoke inside the police station! Police officers, including the DPO CSP Agbonika, and youth participants of UNITE participated in the session held outside in the police station compound. Youth and the police officers reflected: they enjoyed the session, were able to target specific muscles such as their lower back which has been troubling them with pain, found that afterwards they were more relaxed and at peace, and that they would want to practice the movements on their own at home and in subsequent sessions at the station.

Check out pictures from the session:

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UNITE Lagos Island to Lekki Conservation Centre


Officer Tunde from Central Lagos Island Police Station, in the midst of the mangrove swamp of Lekki Conservation Centre

Photographs taken during the visit of UNITE Lagos Island to Lekki Conservation Centre on Saturday, April 6th, 2013. 24 youth participants visited the Centre, along with 4 police officers, the District Police Officer, and the Director of UNITE.


The UNITE Lagos Island group participates in a yoga session and breathing exercise


Reaching up to the sun for energy – an exercise we do during typical UNITE program session at the police station, but made all the more real doing it outside!


Balance and holding hands – UNITE


A team of collaboration (l to r): CSP DPO, Central Lagos Island Police Station, Monday Agbonika; UNITE Director Erica Licht; Program Director of Lekki Conservation Centre (Nigeria Conservation Foundation) Adetayo Okunlola

Feature in US Embassy Nigeria’s Blog

Humbled by this beautifully written piece by Kerry McIntosh published in “From the Drive,” the Official Blog of the U.S. Embassy Nigeria.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fulbright Scholar Explores Justice, Youth, Outdoors Across Nigeria

Fulbright scholar Erica Licht is not content to experience the world through the perceptions and stereotypes of others.  Whether through teaching yoga to at-risk youth, traveling by bus to Enugu to lead an anti-violence workshop, or strolling through Lagos Island to observe community policing efforts, Licht’s work in Nigeria aims to engage minds and challenge common perceptions on youth, justice, community and the outdoors.

Great Press from The National Mirror

Honored by this article featured in today’s edition of The National Mirror newspaper in Nigeria:

My goal is to develop youth skills –Licht

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My goal is to develop youth skills –Licht

Most young people will like to travel the world and add value to the society they live in. American poet and Fulbright Fellow, Erica Licht, is living that dream. Not only does she delight with her spoken word poetry at Lagos events, she anchors a radio programme on UNILAG FM and runs the UNITE programme in three communities in Lagos State, Nigeria.